Ferry Radax

Ferry Radax ( born June 20, 1932 in Vienna) is an Austrian filmmaker.

Curriculum vitae

He enjoyed training as a singer in Vienna boys and later learned singing and piano at the Arts High School in Frankfurt / Main. Since 1949, he writes screenplays, first by writing in the cinema, then soon own and in 1953, together with other colleagues from the Film Academy. The practical film work begins in 1951 as an assistant from scratch. Since then, he is a writer, cameraman, editor, director and eventually worked as a producer of documentaries / Experimental-/Werbe- / fiction / series / music and movies.

After three years of documentaries in Austria, visit the film schools of Vienna 1953/54, and in Rome 1955/56, Cinecittà, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. There followed many years of working visits to Switzerland, Germany and Italy, rare in Austria, but film work in France, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Japan, Peru, Saint Helena, United States, New Zealand, etc. After several festivals and awards, personal film weeks in London's National Film Theatre, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Berlin Lupe, Munich Gasteig, Zurich, Rome, Tokyo.

Finally, in 1993 a month 40 different films from 40 years of filmmaking and the complete works of 120 productions were also shown at the Vienna Film Museum Albertina.