A festival is a series of events where artists perform. A festival often takes several days. In the field of so-called " high culture ", especially music and theater festivals are also often called Festival.

The term "Festival" is derived from the Latin adjective from festivus for festive, festive or serene.

Festivals are often associated with artistic competitions of their genre or bear competitive nature.

Festival species

  • Comic Festival
  • Storytelling Festival
  • Film Festival / Short Film Festival
  • Food Festival
  • Cabaret Festival
  • Jazz Festival and list of jazz festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Culture Festival
  • Crime Festival
  • Art Festival
  • Literature Festival
  • Music Festival and list of music festivals
  • Opera Festival
  • Schlagerfestival
  • Summer Festival
  • Sports Festival
  • Street Art Festival
  • Theatre Festival
  • Dance Festival