Festo AG & Co. KG is a corporate group of control and automation technology with headquarters in Esslingen am Neckar. Festo is one of the world's leading automation companies and is with his daughter Festo Didactic in Denkendorf (Württemberg ) in industrial training world leaders.


The Group employs around 16,200 Festo employees and achieved across the Group in 2012 a turnover of 2.24 billion euros. In addition to Esslingen, St. Ingbert another location. Worldwide, there are 61 independent subsidiaries and 250 offices. More than 7 % of turnover is invested in research and development, especially in the field of energy efficiency. The company is managed by the Board, whose chairman is Veit. The Supervisory Board is sitting in front of Klaus usurers.

Group of companies

  • Festo AG & Co. KG
  • Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. KG
  • Festo Learning Center Saar GmbH
  • Festo Microtechnology AG ( Switzerland )
  • Festo Polymer GmbH
  • Festo Valve Chemical Technology GmbH


In 1925, the company was founded Festo in Esslingen by Gottlieb Stoll. Named were the two founders Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll, whereby the former was eliminated in the year 1929. Festo dealt in the first decades of the production of machines for wood processing such as milling, drilling and grinding machines. The range of woodworking tools no longer belongs since 2000 to the group and since then has been, among other things, with the Festool brand, under TTS Tooltechnic system.

Today Festo Didactic has a global presence in over 70 countries.

Festo automation technology

In the 1950s, the family business expanded its field of activity. Kurt Stoll - eldest son of Gottlieb Stoll - recognized the potential of the use of compressed air for propulsion and control in industrial applications. Festo introduced in 1956 for the first time a complete program for the machine before laying the foundation stone for the new business automation. The use of compressed air formed a basis of modern automation technology.

In the same year Festo presented with the establishment of the first foreign companies set the course for the global expansion of corporate activities. With the establishment of large manufacturing plants in the 1960s, these were then expanded. As the leading foreign company Festo - USA, which was profiled by the German Americans Horst Saalbach during his many years of presidency and expanded to Canada and Mexico developed.

Festo Didactic

In 1965, the new business field " teaching materials and seminars " built. In 1976, the power range Didactic the name Festo Didactic and it began a collaboration with the Federal Institute for Vocational Training ( BIBB ) in Berlin. Together with the BiBB developed Festo Didactic training funds for vocational training in Germany. 1998 advisory activities were started with focus TPM and Lean Manufacturing.


Festo Bionic Learning Network supports. The company is investing including in technical projects that serve the basic research. So SmartBird simulates the flight of birds. The "flying jellyfish " Air Jelly consists of a helium-filled ballonet and is the first indoor flight object with peristaltic drive. Air Jelly received the 2010 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Other projects that are copying the locomotion of the animal sector into an automatic locomotion eg AirPenguin, AquaPenguin, Aqua Jelly, AirRay, Aquaray and Aircuda.

Further developments are mainly copying the movement and the state of flight of dragonflies.

Festo Education Fund

The Festo Education Fund is a study of financing and running under the category Education Fund. It supports students in the STEM area. The financing comprises the financial services, the possibility through various training programs, career -relevant skills ( soft skills ) to acquire and to socialize with the help of the network early practice contacts. The Festo Education Fund is an initiative founded in June 2007, the shareholders of the company. In cooperation with CareerConcept Festo has implemented the concept of the first company's formation Fund under the Corporate Educational Responsibility self-defined.