Fetlar is one of the North Isles of the Shetland Islands off Scotland with a population of 86 people ( 2001). The most important place is Houbie on the south coast, home to the Fetlar Interpretive Centre.

The northern part of Fetlar is a bird sanctuary, home to skuas, Schnepf birds and snowy owls. Fetlar has

  • Prehistoric remains of two brochs and a Promontory fort
  • And the stone circle of Haltadans
  • And 2.3 m high menhir "Ripple Stone"

To offer. Another attraction of the island is built Brough Lodge, by Arthur Nicolson in the 1820s.

Ferries leave from Oddsta on Fetlar after Gutcher on Yell to Belmont on Unst and.