• Lilli Palmer: Iduna
  • Karl Schönböck: Alexander Oberholzer
  • Romy Schneider: Anna Oberholzer
  • Claus Biederstaedt: Robert
  • Werner Hinz: Albert Oberholzer
  • Rudolf Vogel: Uncle Gustav
  • Margarete Haagen: Kathi
  • Ernst Waldow: Uncle Wilhelm
  • Liesl Karlstadt: Aunt Berta
  • Käthe Haack: Caroline Oberholzer
  • Lina Carstens: Aunt Paula
  • Michl Lang: uncle Fritz
  • Charlotte Witthauergasse: Aunt Alwine
  • Tatjana Sais: Madame Sperling
  • Willy Reichert: station-master
  • Hans Clarin: a circus employee
  • Michael Cramer: his colleague
  • Christiane Maybach: Jasmine
  • Klaus Pohl: Piepereit

Firework is a German comedy film based on the eponymous play by Erik Charell and Jürg Amstein. The premiere was on September 16, 1954 in Dusseldorf (Apollo), on 17 September, followed by performances in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main.


1908 appeared a traveling circus up in a small German town. Its director Sascha Obolski is none other than the missing twenty years ago, brother of the local garden gnome manufacturer Albert Oberholzer. Alexander Oberholzer, as Sascha Obolski actually is, has come to congratulate his brother for his birthday. This learn the confused young citizens also know his lovely wife, Iduna, which tells singing of her dad, a famous clown. They twisted some respectable husbands belonging to the head, which evokes conflicts with spouses.

On the other hand, Anna, Albert upper Holzer's daughter, fascinated by the circus and its director. Although she actually loves the gardener Robert, she tears from home to join the circus as an artist. You will thus avoid even the threat of deportation to an unloved aunt Paula. Iduna contrast with suspicion the rapprochement between Anna and her husband. This is torn and experienced in a nightmare already a daredevil circus artist in dangerous situations.

Finally, all troubled minds and soothe the circus is a dazzling farewell performance. The circus moves on, and at the very end shows that there is still but a family member has joined the circus with Uncle Gustav.


The Musical Fireworks by Erik Charell and Jürg Amstein was premiered in Munich in 1950 and was not least thanks to the Chansons O my dad a great success. Charell took Lilli Palmer, it was like he a Jewish emigrant to Germany and gave her as a co- producer to star in the film adaptation of the play.

The film itself is unusually fast-paced and very colorful for former German relations. Lilli Palmer was abruptly by firework star. Noteworthy are also the dancing, singing and artistic contributions of the then little- known Romy Schneider. Peter Riihmann, the son of Heinz Rühmann, has as its firecrackers throwing little brother his only film appearance.


  • Predicate value of Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden
  • Prize of the International Film Festival in Punta del Este, Uruguay ( 14 to 31 January 1955)


" After a musical stage play of Erik Charell, with the rousing and soulful melodies Paul Burkhard, was an amiable cheerful entertainment film; for the young Romy Schneider and the emigrant Lilli Palmer the start of a German film career. "

"With fireworks is West Germany's film production at their current best stand and has hereby created one of the best German musical comedies of the postwar period. "

" Entertainment pleasures of the serene and contemplative style with a large contingent of German film stars. ( Rating: 2 ½ out of 4 stars - above average) "

"Funny mix of pop, revue and ring numbers. Significantly successful than similar attempts at home and abroad. Portable Except for a dance performance for young people. "

DVD Release

  • Fireworks. World Cinema Home Entertainment 2004