The Feuerzangenbowle is a punch variant and despite the name, no punch. It is named after the pliers over the drink is placed on the burning, rumgetränkter sugar. Large became famous for the punch by the movie " The Feuerzangenbowle " from 1944 ( Roman: Hans Reimann and Heinrich Spoerl, 1933).

As fire tongs the perforated sheet is called, on the Sugar Loaf lies above the pot. The fraternities and sororities, the term Krambambuli is used due to the color similarity for Feuerzangenbowle since the 19th century.


In a suitable vessel, dry red wine with cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, lemon and orange peel is heated. After some additional recipes orange and lemon juice, orange or cherry liqueur or black tea is added. Regional also be appropriate ingredients added ( for example, print liqueur in Aachen country). A Sugar is placed on the clamp, and is placed over the vessel. On the Sugarloaf one pours dark rum until the sugar loaf is completely soaked, and fires at him. The sugar melts, caramelizes and drips into the wine, which imparts a special flavor. In two to three liters of red wine about 0.35 liters of rum come in order to avoid flare-ups of rum is not watered again straight from the bottle, but metered from a ladle.

Most rum is used with 54 % alcohol for Feuerzangenbowle. Because of the high water content, the temperature is so low that the sugar is mostly dissolved rather than to melt and caramelize when burned, however. By using rum with a higher alcohol content (straw - rum), this can be avoided. It must now be only ensured that the burning sugar loaf does not go out. To drink brandy punch out punch or Groggläsern or cups.

White Feuerzangenbowle is prepared with white wine and with the addition of dry sherry. To release the sugar is usually used white rum or arrack.


Originally called the fire tongs was used for the Feuerzangenbowle. With this unit from the fire irons the stove or fireplace glowing charcoals could be taken to light the pipe, for example. With a pair of tongs, a lump of sugar was packed, doused with rum and set alight. Sugar was once delivered in sugar loaves, which were much larger and harder than the sugar loaves today manufactured exclusively for Feuerzangenbowle. For most purposes, the loaf sugar had to be crushed troublesome.


A Feuerzangenbowle is traditionally drunk during the cold season, often during Advent or New Year's Eve. The punch is served at this time of year at Christmas markets ready to drink and is also popular in the private sphere. These are commercially available complete sets (usually with glass vessel, chafing dish, a pair of tongs in itself and possibly other parts ) is available, allowing the Feuerzangenbowle can be prepared at home.

The world's largest Feuerzangenbowle was introduced in December 2005 in Munich at the Isar Gate. Here, 9,000 liters of punch were mixed in a three -meter-high copper boiler with 2.50 meters in diameter and heated. Meanwhile there is another copy in Nuremberg near the Christmas Market.