FF Jaro

FF Jaro JS ( Fotbollsföreningen Jaro Jalkapalloseura ) is a Finnish football club from Jakobstad. Currently the club plays in the First Division, the highest division of Finland. The stadium " Jakobstads Central Plan" summarizes the 2,500 spectators.


After the most important football club from Jakobstad, Drott Jakobstad had set the game mode, founded football fans of the local metal Industri operation Jakobstads Rostfria ( Jaro ) on December 18, 1965 FF Jaro. In 1966 the club took part in the game mode and slowly worked his way to the second division high.

1983 Jaro qualified first for the promotion round to the Mestaruussarja, but failed extremely scarce. Five years later, the championship was achieved in the second division and the club went on. However, the team the following season finished last, they did not relinquish it in the relegation round, and went straight off again.

In the second division Jaro was able to qualify directly for the climb back games where Kokkolan Palloveikot was beaten in both games and thus able to rise again. In the first division, the club placed fourth. After In the season 1995, the club was advised in danger of relegation, he finished the following regular season in first place. In the championship round, however, the team remained winless and dropped back to fifth place.

In 1998, the club rose as Table from the second division and returned only in 2002 back again. Since then, the team regularly placed in the back of the midfield.

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