FFA AS-202 Bravo

The FFA AS -202 Bravo is a training aircraft, which was jointly developed by the manufacturers SIAI - Marchetti and flight and vehicle plants Altenrhein produced.


The project of training aircraft SA 202 Bravo began in 1967 as a joint production between the FFA with the Italian manufacturer SIAI Marchetti. For the planned machine wind tunnel tests should be carried out in Switzerland and parts are manufactured, while the Italians should take over the assembly. The project came forward but not quite, since SIAI no more capacity was available. Thus, the program was taken over completely by FFA was called the AS-202 Bravo. The first flight of the prototype took place FFA on March 7, 1969 in Altenrhein, the first Italian-built prototype flew on 7 May 1969 the first time. The first production aircraft had its first flight on December 22, 1971. Initially the plane with a 100-118 hp Avco Lycoming payable O -235 engine was fitted ( version AS-202 /15). The later version of the AS 202/18 on the other hand had a 180 hp Avco Lycoming AEIO - 360 engine, the majority of the approximately 210 built 1971-1989 machine was equipped with the more powerful engine and only 35 with the weaker.

Intended variants were in the 1970s, the AS 202/26 with a 260- horsepower engine Textron Lycoming AEIO -540 and the 1992 for the first time flown as a prototype turbine Bravo AS 202/32T with a 420 hp Allison 250 - B17C payable turbine. They found enough buyers to go into series production.


The aircraft is a conventionally constructed all-metal low-wing monoplane of aluminum alloys ( partially in sandwich construction with a honeycomb core ). Having a rigid nose gear It is powered depending on the version of an Avco Lycoming O -235 or AEIO -360 engine, which drives a two-bladed Hartzell propellers Constantspeed - or, optionally, a three-bladed propeller Hoffmann.


The aerobatic machine was mainly used by military operators for basic training of pilots. 40 pieces went to Indonesia, 8 to Uganda, 10 to Morocco and just 50 copies in Iraq and 10 to Oman. Civil aircraft served in various Swiss flight schools, the British Flying College and the flight school of Japan Airlines.

Military use

  • Indonesia Indonesia: 40
  • Iraq 1991 Iraq: 50
  • Jordan Jordan
  • Morocco Morocco: 10
  • Oman Oman: 10
  • Uganda Uganda: 8