The abbreviation FFA may refer to:

  • Specialized foreign language training, a course of study
  • Fast Forward Award - Styrian Innovation Award
  • French Federation Athlétisme, French Athletics Federation
  • Feldfliegerabteilung the German Air Force
  • Female Fat Admirer
  • Fiji Football Association, Fiji Football Association
  • Filmförderungsanstalt
  • Flight and vehicle plants Altenrhein AG, a former aircraft manufacturer
  • Focus - film distance or film -focus distance of conventional radiographs
  • Football Federation of Armenia, the Armenian Football Federation
  • Football Federation Australia, the Australian Football Federation
  • Forces Françaises en Allemagne, French forces in West Germany after 1945
  • Forward Freight Agreement, a Future for shipments in shipping
  • Free fatty acid, fatty acids, which are not bound to other molecules
  • Free for all, a game mode in computer games, see Deathmatch
  • Free for All, an animated series
  • Furan fatty acids, furanoid fatty acids
  • Fusiform face area, region of the brain for recognition of faces, see fusiform gyrus
  • Future Farmers of America, an agricultural American Youth Organization

FFA is also available for:

  • FFA ( Martial Arts Association ), a large German MMA federation.
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