Fiat 125

Fiat 125 (1967-1972)

The Fiat 125 was launched in spring 1967 as a luxurious, fast sedan and outside larger version of the same design in many parts of the body and sportier due to the more modern rear axle Fiat 124 on the market, replacing the Series in 1800. The engine had a special technical feature double overhead and a toothed belt driven camshafts and made 66 kW (90 hp) from 1,608 cc displacement.

The performance reached levels were in the range of sports cars like Alfa Romeo, Lancia and BMW. The design was like the Fiat 124 -edged, the front end had shaped and framed in chrome twin headlights. The Fiat 125 was the first vehicle with standard interval circuit for the windscreen wipers.

1968 came the 125 Special, the (100 PS) reached a maximum speed of 175 km / h, with an output of 74 kW. 1971 125 specialty has been updated.

The series was set mid-1972 and replaced by the Fiat 132.

Production abroad

For this model, there was the Polish Polski Fiat under license, which was built by FSO in Warsaw and was sold throughout the former Eastern Bloc, with the exception of the Soviet Union. Technically, this 125p based on the old Fiat 1300, whose chassis and powertrain was transplanted into the modified and simplified body of the Fiat 125. There was also a station wagon, a proprietary development of FSO, which - in contrast to the Soviet licensing model of the Fiat 124 ( Shiguli / Lada ) - was made ​​with the rounded rear doors of the saloon.

From 1972 to 1982, the 125 produced in slightly modified form also in Argentina. Were built four-door sedans, pickups, coupes with Vignale bodywork and custom designed five-door station wagon. In 1980, the car a facelift and renamed as 125 Mirafiori. In ten years, created 188 791 vehicles.


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