Fiat 132/Argenta

The Fiat 132 was a vehicle of the upper middle class of the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. He was introduced in May 1972 as a successor to the Fiat 125, in Spain as Seat 132

It was produced at the beginning in three models: 132 1600 N, 132 1800 N and 132 1800 S. Initially outweighed the disappointment of the journals and the buyers: You criticized the " Japanese lines ," the more to a Toyota than a Fiat remembered. The chassis is too vague, so the car tester. Soon, the vehicle has been revised and it was from 1974 to 1600 models 132 GL / GLS and GLS 132 1800.

Although the lines now liked something better, the sales success was more modest. When the production of the Fiat 130 was set for the end of 1977, had the 132 take on the role of the top model of Fiat with the introduction of the largest engine variant than 132 in 2000 and after numerous detail changes, but could as such - although by no means a bad car - given the 130 of convincing despite extensive features with optionally available automatic transmission and air conditioning not fully far higher technical class. Too great was the distance to both the 130 and the competition, especially in terms of performance.

In early 1978 was followed by two diesel versions with 2000 or 2500 cc capacity.

After the mid-1979 took place the presentation of the 132 ie 2000 ( with electronic fuel injection and at least 122 hp ) as next strongest model and other small revisions that could conjure no sales success all from the model, was in April 1981 from the Fiat 132, the Fiat Argenta.

Since the Seat 132 in Spain was not very successful, there was no successor for him. The Fiat 132 was built in Korea by Kia since 1979 under license.