Fiat 900T

The Fiat 900 is a now quite unknown cousin of the Multipla. The ancestor is the Fiat Multipla 1, an extended " familiars " version of the successful 600 in the 1950s. Fiat spotted the pickup truck market for itself and developed the T600, where " T" for " Trasporto " (Eng.: Transportation ) is. Fiat offered the T600 as a minibus, jumped in the 60s the 700 T series number and developed the 850 T. This development was based on the Fiat 850 and took over its drive concept with a rear engine and rear wheel drive.

It was not until the mid-1970s led the Fiat 903- cc engine, and hence the 900T, almost chromlos and slight angular than its predecessors. There were a total of 16 Body variations: either with high roof, folding and sliding doors, as a combination bus and luxury bus as it was even request a naked chassis without body - presumably for recreational vehicle developers. The most common variant is the type of ice cream truck ( see photo). The unusual body structure was built in Holland crafted from fiberglass. Of which still exist today a handful in Europe. In the late 1970s, the T version has been beefed up, among others, with a new interior (some in-house by the model competitors Fiorino and 238er ). For now graced an "E" the stern. There was a luxury version that around 4,000 DM was expensive than the base model in Germany "Panorama " everywhere else "Pandora" was called and with 14,800 DM. This luxury version was very popular in the 1970s and especially in Italy as a hotel shuttle.

The 900s survived the catchment Japanese competition only briefly. Suzuki was the first Far Eastern manufacturers early 80s with a Carry a pickup truck on the European market, the massive price competition offered the 900. Fiat did not withstand the pressure and long ceased production of vans in 1986. The Austrian Steyr licensee was soon established production. Until the beginning of the Balkan War in 1989 the long-time Yugoslav Zastava Fiat licensee has the car as Zastava 900 AK further built. The car factory in Kragujevac was the entire production line to Turkey from the local Fiat partner Tofaş. Until the 1990s, there was the 900 still continued to be built before it was superseded by the current models.