Fiat Scudo

The Fiat Scudo is identical models like the Peugeot Expert and Citroën Jumpy a very light commercial vehicle based on the Eurovans produced at Sevel Nord since February 1996. These trucks were revised in 2004 and then replaced by the second generation in January 2007. 2008, the Scudo II was elected, together with the sister models to Van of the Year.

2010/2011 Fiat announced the cooperation of the Eurovan in passenger cars, commercial vehicles continue to be produced in common, as well as the larger models, Fiat Ducato and its sister models of PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Scudo (1996-2006)

Fiat Scudo (1996-2004)


  • Length 4522 mm ( 4922 mm long version )
  • Three seats
  • Payload 774-854 kg
  • Loading volume of 4 m ( Long Version 5 m)
  • Consumption according to factory specification from 6.7 to 7.9 liters of diesel per 100 km

Double cabin

  • Five to six seats
  • Payload 850 kg
  • Loading volume 1.93 m

Station wagon

  • Bank in the third row
  • Eight to nine seats
  • ABS as standard

Rear view

Scudo (since 2007)

Fiat Scudo Combi (since 2007)


The second generation is available as a panel van in two heights and two lengths. While the shorter version measures around 4.81 meters and its wheelbase is 3 meters, the longer version is 5.14 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3.12 meters. The height varies from 1.88 to 2.29 meters. All models are approximately 1.90 meters wide. The load capacity is 5000-7000 liters. As a drive available for the panel van four four-cylinder engines, including a petrol ( 2.0 16V ) and three diesel engines ( HDi 90, HDi 120 (FAP ), 165 HDi FAP), to choose from. All models are powered through the front wheels and feature a 5 -speed manual transmission ( 2.0 16V HDi 90 ) or a 6- speed manual transmission ( HDi 120 (FAP ), HDi 165 FAP).

Station wagon

The station wagon is in the same lengths ( 4.81 m; 5.15 m ) offered; the wheelbases are characterized accordingly. However, the Van version is flat with a height 1.88 to 1.98 meters. The engine range of the Großraumvans includes only the two more powerful diesel versions, which are also offered in the van. It is 2.0 liters and based on the common-rail direct injection four-cylinder diesel engines with 120 and 163 hp and diesel particulate filter (FAP). The weaker version meets the Euro 4 standard, the stronger already Euro 5 standard, the. The power is transmitted equally over the front wheels and a 6- speed manual transmission.