Fiat Stilo

Fiat Stilo five-door hatchback (2001-2004)

The Fiat Stilo is a compact class car of the automaker Fiat, which was sold in Europe from autumn 2001 to spring 2008. He replaced the three - and five-door hatchback in the Fiat Bravo / Brava and five-door station wagon Multi Wagon Fiat Marea Weekend.

  • 3.1 petrol engine
  • 3.2 diesel


In October 2001, first came the hatchback as a three - and five-door on the market. At launch, three petrol and one diesel were available.

The bodies of the two versions are different ( different bumpers, fenders, doors, windshields), although the vehicles up to the B- pillar almost same. This was possible because the Fiat Stilo was the second model after the Fiat Multipla, which was based on the steel space-frame platform of Fiat. With this construction method could be relatively easily implemented different body versions.

Engines, monocoque body and chassis were developed by Fiat and produced himself, the braking system has been developed by Bosch. Also, most of the electrics were supplied by Bosch as well as the ( common rail injection system, air mass meter, high pressure pump at JTD models, ABS, ESP), some components are also of TRW / Lucas.

From January 2003, there was also a station wagon version ( Multi Wagon ), which replaced the set end of 2002 Fiat Marea Weekend.

Fiat Stilo three-door (2001-2004)

Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon (2003-2004)

Equipment variants

The most important equipment variants in Germany:

  • Active
  • Dynamic
  • Abarth (only 2.4 20V Selespeed with 5 -speed transmission )

Special models

  • Formula ( in Austria )
  • Trofeo
  • Torino
  • Michael Schumacher ( only 2.4 20V and 1.9 JTD 140/150 hp)
  • Feel
  • Linea Sport
  • GT ( 2.4 20V manual 5 -speed transmission )
  • TCM Edition (limited special model Tchibo than 1.6 with 103 hp )


In October 2004, the Stilo series has undergone a slight facelift. Optical characteristics were at least at the five-door the darkened taillights. Central to the mark and Fiat logos have now been installed.

Technical innovations were now available common-rail diesel engines, which all had a displacement of 1.9 liters and three power levels (100, 120 and 150 hp) were available.

In September 2005 the range was further expanded to include a station wagon with off-road look, which was sold as Stilo Uproad and had to offer, for example, a slightly higher gear. It was only with the 1.9 liter diesel engines, initially at power levels of 115 and 140 horsepower later with 120 and 150 hp.

Rear view

Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon (2004-2008)

Fiat Stilo Uproad (2005-2008)


There petrol engines were offered of 80 to 170 hp and diesel engines from 80 to 150 hp. To facelift in autumn 2004, the 1.2 L 16V - large engine was discontinued with 80 hp from the program and replaced by a 1.4 -liter 16 -valve engine with 95 hp.




In early 2007 the production of the three - and five-door Stilo in Europe has been set, both of which were replaced by the five doors exclusively offered Bravo (Type 198).

The Stilo Multi Wagon was available on European markets until May 2008. At the same time a facelift on the Stilo was made on the South American markets.

In Brazil, the production ran until 2010 as a five-door model with strong petrol engines for the South American market. After Argentina and Uruguay, the Stilo was exported with an Italian diesel engine.


The Fiat Stilo was it with various outfits. The basic versions were well equipped for a car of this class. Thus, the Stilo has a steerable nozzle for the passenger area and under each front seat air vents for the passengers in the back of the feet. Unfortunately, there was in some model series also savings. Thus, for example, the tank lid is not secured to any vehicle on the central connection piece is also lockable not exist.

For the Near area there is a fold-down center armrest, which is very practical on long highway trips, short haul and in the Municipal area however this is a hindrance because it complicates the way to the parking brake and the shift lever.

In some versions there was also a ski opening in the center of the rear bench seat. Or the middle part was intended as an armrest with cup holders when he was not needed as a seat.

The Stilo also has the option of using the cruise control. Often, the basic functions are already available. Thus, it is possible to install the appropriate selector even if the basic wiring is already in place. However, then the corresponding function should also be enabled on the instrument panel on the diagnostic software.

The Stilo there were in cruise control with 2 versions.

  • Standard Cruise Control: Keeps only the speed
  • Radar and camera -guided cruise control: Holds an additional the set distance and adjusts the speed.


The Stilo was there with a standard heating system with air recirculation, air conditioning and a 2-zone automatic climate control with AQS, a system that automatically measures the air quality and, if necessary, automatically activates the air recirculation function.

Multimedia / Radio

For the Stilo there are several audio systems to choose from. Radio / cassette radio / CD Radio/CD/MP3 Or DoppelISO system ConnectNAV Also there is the Stilo in some versions with an integrated subwoofer in the cargo area.