Field (computer science)

A data field is the smallest unit of a data set, according to Mertens, the smallest unit capable data analysis, such as a part number. In person record the data fields name, birth date and address for example, could be included. All records of a type (for example, of all people) are usually in a database, for example, in a database table (also called a relation ) is stored.

In the programming, i.e., computer programs, data, fields declared, whereby storage areas for recording the specific data to be processed to be reserved, known as " Data Structures". Each data field is characterized by attributes such as its name or data type.

Data fields are named differently depending on the form of storage or even depending on the programming. In relational databases, each data field corresponds to an attribute. The set of attributes, the data set corresponds to the tuple.

In differing significance of the expression data field is in part as a synonym for ' field' ( there in the importance Array ') used. see


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