Field officer

Staff officers of the Armed Forces (abbreviation: StOffz ) and Swiss Army ( Abbr: Staff Of) are a rank group within the career of the officers. They include the Ranks Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel ( in the German navy accordingly: Lieutenant Commander, Commander and Captain, in the Central Medical Service of the Bundeswehr accordingly: Surgeon, Surgeon General and Colonel Doctor ).

Your name comes from their use in bars. But also you command units and especially of troops, for example:

  • A major usually results in the first company ( headquarters and supply company ) of a battalion or the headquarters company on Regiments-/Brigade-/Divisionsebene; but it is also possible in some offices of the Bundeswehr, the post of commander headquarters is occupied by a major or lieutenant colonel.
  • The commander of a battalion clothed typically the rank of lieutenant colonel.
  • The commander of a regiment dressed in typically the rank of colonel.

The staff officer ranks are usually achieved career at the earliest after a ten-year period of service as an officer.


In the army, a Captain (or Lieutenant or staff physician ) to the staff officer, ie, to the Major (or lieutenant commander or senior staff doctor ) may be carried if it an appropriately doped post was transferred, he has successfully completed meets the minimum service times and the Staff Officers Course (SOL) at the Staff College.

There is also the takeover possibility for lateral hires with the rank of Major in existing requirements and subject to certain conditions, such as a with stock of Second State Examination or a doctorate. Medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine with a second medical state examination and pharmacists with passing second section of the pharmaceutical examination can be taken in the career of medical officers, Approved in certain subjects in the career of troops officers with scientific training.

Particularly suitable captains are selected in a selection meeting for the course General Staff / Naval Staff service. The course General Staff / Naval Staff Service National is the most demanding course at the Staff College. Every autumn begins a new course. It lasts two years and is open to one hundred national and international participants of the armed services Army, Air Force and Navy as well as the Central Medical and the Bundeswehr Geoinformation Service.

Staff officers of the Bundeswehr are academics in general. An officer of the military professional service may theoretically the rank of Staff Captain and Staff Captain Lieutenant also reach A13. A particularly powerful officer of the military professional service can also reach the level staff officer after a long military standing time, multiple outstanding official assessments and successful completion of Stabsoffizerslehrgang (SOL) at the Staff College. For these officers obtain recognition of their long military and civilian professional career to at the level of bachelor is scheduled to be deposited as the academic standards of the officer normative. For this group of former officers OffzMilFD officer of the military professional service of course General Staff / Naval Staff National Service due to age band and differentiated use structure in the system Bundeswehr is not provided.


"I 've given you a staff officer to let you know when to disobey. " Frederick II, the Great (1712 - 1786), King of Prussia, called "Old Fritz "