FIL World Luge Championships 2011

The 42nd FIL World Luge Championships was held from 29 to 30 January 2011 in Cesana in Italy.


Women, single seater

Date: January 29, 2011

Tatjana Huefner won her third individual gold medal and Geisenberger her third individual silver medal at the World Championships. The bronze medal by Alex Gough was the first medal a Canadian luger. The French Morgane Bonnefoy crashed heavily in the first round. She was admitted with a suspected broken femur to the hospital.

Men, single seater

Date: January 29, 2011

Armin Zöggeler was after the first round just back, won by a strong second run at the end but just ahead of Felix Loch and remained at his home track so undefeated. Hole, however, also won his third World Championship participation medal, this time silver after previously two gold medals.


Date: January 29, 2011 1st round, 2nd round January 30, 2011

The brothers Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger already drove her third title on the track in Cesana. She previously won the same place already at the Olympic Games in 2006 and at the European Championships 2008. German two-seater remained first time since 1996 without a medal. The leading duo in the World Cup Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt fell in the first round and could not compete in the second heat injury.


The competition in the team relay was initially canceled due to technical problems, rescheduled, and finally canceled. In four of the eleven seasons started the Startertor not opened after the attack. In two other seasons, the timing did not stop at the destination stop. Then the passage was canceled and should be three hours later - to be re- started - after solving the technical problems. However, as problems arose again at the first season, the competition was then finally canceled. The day after the cancellation of the technology partner of the FIL took over the responsibility for the breakdown.

The course of the competition was also a major setback in the efforts of the FIL to the inclusion of the team relay at the Olympic Winter Games program in 2014. The IOC said Although in October 2010 for the recording, but the final decision adjourned to the discipline observed with regard to attractiveness and feasibility. The positive decision was finally made in April 2011.

Medal Tally