FIL World Luge Championships

In the Luge World Cup, the world champions are determined in luge on artificial track. The World Championships will be held in the disciplines of single-seater of men and women and in doubles since 1955. Since 1989, in addition there will be a team competition at the World Championships.

The World Championships in luge usually find place annually and form the end of the Luge World Cup the highlight of the luge season on the artificial track in non-Olympic years. The race at the World Championships do not count toward Luge World Cup. In years with Olympic Winter Games, the World Cup is not discharged.

Results of previous Luge World Championships

World champion in the men's single-seater

World champion in the women's single-seater

World Champion in doubles

World Champion in Season and team competition

Medal Tally

In this medal the World Championships in luge 1955-2013 are included.