File Service Protocol

The File Service Protocol (FSP ) is a network protocol for public posting files. It can be compared with a public archive FTP. Unlike FTP, FSP uses for the connection between client and server, the stateless UDP.

Characteristics of FSP

  • Robust: FSP can deal very well with disturbances in the network. A current transfer operation can be stopped at any time and restarted. If the server should fail during a transmission, the transmission after the return of the server can be resumed.
  • Simple protocol: It is not necessary to have information about the most recently executed commands. So there can be, for example, extracting programs for displaying a directory and downloading a file.
  • The resources of the server are loaded only slightly, many users can use a stateless UDP connection to pound on it
  • FSP server and clients are most common very little
  • The pure data throughput with FSP and an easy connection is significantly lower compared to FTP or HTTP