Filesystem in Userspace

FUSE ( Filesystem in Userspace ) is a kernel module for Unix systems, which makes it possible to relocate the file system driver from kernel mode to user mode. It thus allows non-privileged users to mount its own file systems. With the help of FUSE can under GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris or Mac OS X, most existing file systems such as NTFS or UDF embed.

Due to the use of the usual for normal user-mode application programs - due to which the program code does not deal with the limitations and peculiarities of the kernel - mode - is a variety of drivers emerged. Some of these file system driver form instead of hard disks and other storage media all other data structures in the form of a navigable file system from.

Known file systems and drivers

  • NTFS access Captive - allowing secure write access to NTFS partitions by integration of the Genuine Windows ntfs.sys driver by means of a compatibility layer
  • NTFS-3G
  • Ntfsmount ( from the Linux ntfs- project ) allows you to mount NTFS partitions with write support


On 15 October 2004, the FUSE project was founded on SourceForge, arising as a variant of the SHFS project. Since January 15, 2005, was part of the mm kernel before it was included in the official Linux kernel 2.6.14 on 13 September 2005.