Filip Peeters

Filip Peeters ( born December 2, 1962 in Anderlecht) is a Belgian actor.

Filip Peeters comes from the region of Flanders ( Dutch-speaking part of Belgium ) and is one of the few Flemish actors who participate in foreign productions. Peeters initially trained as a chef and later attended acting school Studio Herman Teirlinck. Since 1985, Peeters plays regularly in Belgian and Dutch television series. His first role in a German production in 1997 in Dominik Graf Scorpio. As a result, he had individual performances in the German television series ( Rosa Roth, Wolff's Turf, SOKO Leipzig, Crime Scene, Police 110, and others) and films ( The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie, Hardcover, The best is yet ). In 2009, he starred as Chief Inspector novel Maartens in the staged by Hartmut Griesmayr drama Keep The World ( First broadcast: ARD, April 2, 2010) on the side of Christine Neubauer one of the main roles, and in 2006 in the thriller Zodiac - The Zodiac killer role of the Advocate Sebastian Heegert.

Filmography ( excerpt)


  • 2001: Shooting Star Award from the European Film Promotion
  • 2006: Best Actor at the Montreal World Film Festival for De hel van Tanger
  • 2009: Best Actor at the Vlaamse Entertainment Award