Film budgeting

Under a film budget means the amount of the sum of money which is a film production company to make a film available. This has, for example setting a direct impact on the value of production, based on which one films in "A -movies " ( slang for Blockbuster ) and "B - Movies" splits, where the term " blockbuster" only for very commercially successful films used.


If a film to be produced, must have hit the estimated total cost in advance and submitted to a film producer or a film production company. If the production company willing to provide the funds, starting with the pre-production. It is calculated in detail how high the cost will actually fail. The salaries of the actors as well as the salaries of the film crew are negotiated and calculated. In addition, for example, the costs for technical purchases or special arrangements. Only after the exact amount is fixed, it comes to signing the contract.

A carefully calculated budget provides the basis for the entire film project. A detailed expenditure or financing plan is therefore essential. For a limited film budget commitment of famous stars for example, leads to an inevitable reduction of the possible outputs for special effects, among which the production quality may suffer. The use of the budget should be as balanced as possible and take into account all areas of production.

Financing plan

To be able to perform the most accurate possible calculation is set up a financing plan that can regulate the following points.

  • Number of co-producers and investors
  • Investment and participation types, such as a contribution of the producers or domestic and foreign funding
  • Percentage distribution of their budget shares to individual investors
  • The timing of payments, for example, after production progress
  • Data of investors, such as addresses and contact information

The budget must cover, among other things, the cost of the assignment of rights to use backdrops and equipment, payment of the contributors ( salaries and wages ), cost of materials ( audio and film material ) or insurance premiums.

German film productions can be obtained from organizations such as the Media Board in Berlin financially support.

Important components