Fabbrica Italiana Motoveicoli e Rimorchi was an Italian manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles

Company History

The company from Milan began in 1947 with the production of automobiles under the brand name Fimer, which ended a little later. Then motorcycles with the brand name Rondine and vans were manufactured. 1957 production ended.

Rolling stock


The Fimer 250 was a microcar. The two-cylinder two -stroke engine with 250 cc displacement and 7 horsepower was mounted in the rear and powered the rear wheels. The gearbox had three gears. The maximum design speed was given as 65 km / h. The car had four wheels, the rear track width was smaller than the front. The open body had neither doors nor a roof. Until March 1948 produce 50 copies. At the Milan sample fair of 1948, the Super Vetturetta was presented as a successor. The biggest difference were the two side doors. By 1950, created 250 copies.


The three-wheeled vans were driven by a motor with 250 cc displacement.


The lightweight motorcycles with the brand name Rondine possessed engines with 125 cc displacement.