Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a commercial video and film editing program that was developed in 1998 by Randy Ubillos for Macromedia under the name " key grip " as a Windows editing system. Today, Apple Final Cut Pro is developed and distributed exclusively for Mac OS X. The software allows you to import various video sources, digital nonlinear editing, native support for many video formats as well as expandability and interoperability at the studio level.


Final Cut Pro was from the beginning as editing solution on the market, and indeed for many analog and digital video formats from DV, and later HD. Also the processing of other SD video formats was possible. So you could connect with additional video hardware external video players such as Betacam SP or Digital Betacam.

Since version 4.5 (Final Cut Pro HD) DVCPRO - HD video can be recorded on a suitably equipped Power Mac without additional specialized equipment, processed and output by means of the integrated Firewire port. Among the previous standard video formats such as PAL, NTSC ( either 10 or 8 bit uncompressed ), DV, DVCPRO 25, DVCPRO 50, Serial Digital Interface come the new high - definition formats in progressive frame format ( 25p ) or in different field formats ( interlaced) to do so. Final Cut Pro 4.5 "HD" natively supports DVCPRO HD media and all HDTV standards (720p, 1080i, 1080p).

In June 2005, version 5 has been released on the market; it bears the name " Final Cut Pro 5 ", without the " HD", the 2005 is already become the standard for Final Cut Pro. Newly emerged video formats are integrated, such as Panasonic P2, HDV or XDCAM from Sony. These formats can be directly imported or Final Cut Pro with free plugins " XDCAM Transfer" from the manufacturers ( Sony) are imported. Here, a XDCAM be selectively controlled via SDI or Firewire 400. Then behaves either as a disk drive, or a recorder.

Final Cut Pro is no longer available separately since the NAB show in 2006, but is part of the Final Cut Studio package. On April 15, 2007 Apple released the latest version of " Final Cut Studio 2 ". In addition to Final Cut Pro 6 themselves are also the DVD authoring program DVD Studio Pro 4.2, the audio editing program Apple Soundtrack, the title generator LiveType, the Encodier software Apple Compressor, the motion graphics program Apple Motion 3, the negative cutter software Cinema Tools ( for real movie section of 16 mm, 35 mm or 70 mm), color ( high-end color correction) and Apple QuickTime Pro 7 included. Final Cut Pro 6 supports the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company or short RED codec is not natively, but this can import as a proxy either directly or as converted YUV sequence. Editing ( RED) RAW files, 10 - or 12-bit RGB444 or used for cameras such as the Red resolutions such as 4520 × 2160 can not handle FCP but all of them, and therefore FCP is often used as an offline editing system, from the passed from then cut by EDL to online -enabled > 4K, > 12bit RGB systems such as Media 100, Blackmagic Davinci, Adobe Premiere or IRIDAS SpeedGrade.

On July 23, 2009, Apple released Final Cut Pro 7, which is included in Final Cut Studio 3. Final Cut Studio features in version 3 now rudimentary BD- AV support also - during the whole Blu- ray standard, which requires, inter alia, BD- Java, BD- menu, 3D, DRM and other things, Apple continues to benefit from iTunes is not supported.

Final Cut Express

2003 Apple released Final Cut Express, a less expensive version of Final Cut Pro, with the same surface, but without some Pro features. In January 2005, the Pro-Tools Soundtrack and LiveType were added to FCE, as new HDV functions. In order for this unification FCE was discontinued in June 2011 - in favor of Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X

On June 21, 2011 was released Final Cut Pro X. The program has been completely rewritten to be fully 64- bit compatible, and support OpenCL and Grand Central Dispatch. The strong version is based in appearance on iMovie. With version Final Cut Pro X was the suite Final Cut Studio resolved.

The color correction system of color was discontinued without replacement, as is the authoring system DVD Studio Pro. The previously integrated programs Final Apple Motion and Apple Compressor are now available individually. Distribution is not on DVD, but exclusively through the Mac App Store.

Because of these points, and the lack of features such as multicam editing, importing EDLs and the support of external screens criticism rained down from professional circles. In later updates Apple responded and offered by some of the missing features such as multicam editing and support for REDCODE RAW format. The latter is used in professional cameras the company RED used.

However, it still lacking in comparison to the set Final Cut Pro for many professional users highly relevant features. In line with the new focus on the more numerous users from the amateur and semi - professional field continues to be the price of Final Cut Pro X has been reduced by approximately 70%.