Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure is a city in the province of Savona in Italy.

Finale Ligure is located on the Riviera and has 11,909 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012). It consists of the villages of Finale Marina, Finalpia, Final Borgo and Varigotti. The area is 34.5 km ². The neighboring municipalities are Borgio Verezzi, Calice Ligure, Noli, Orco Feglino, Tovo San Giacomo and Vezzi cervix.


Finale Ligure is located about 60 km southwest of Genoa on the Ligurian coast in the Palm Riviera. To the west finals is limited by the Capra Zoppa massif (281 m) Ligure. To the north, a few miles inland, the mountains reach heights of over 1000 meters already.

Finale Ligure is part of the Comunità Montana Pollupice.


967 the village was first mentioned under the name Final. The territory finale is passed by Otto I in the possession of the Marquis Aleramo. 1450 final will be destroyed by the warring Republic of Genoa.

Coat of arms

Description: Gold five oblique red bar right; About the shield a golden mural crown and five towers on a sign foot olive and an oak branch with a ribbon in the Italian national colors bound.

Tourism and Attractions

Finale Marina is the largest of the three towns and the tourist 's most sophisticated. The sandy beach and the old town and the many restaurants and cafes attract many tourists in the summer. Quieter time, take in the districts Finalpia and Final Borgo. Here much of the medieval originality could be preserved. Final Borgo is located about 2 km inland, surrounded by an old high city wall with four gates.

The Basilica of San Giovanni Battista (1619-1675, facade of N. Barella, 1762) is one of the most important examples of the Ligurian Baroque.

In Finalpia district is the old Abbey of Santa Maria, which had been founded in 1400 by Olivetans monks and exists as a Benedictine of the Congregation of Subiaco since 1905.

Sport Climbing

Finale Ligure is known and popular with rock climbers. The limestone of the area offers over 2500 climbing routes for all abilities.

Mountain Biking

Finale Ligure is a popular holiday destination for mountain bikers, from cross-country, free ride to Downhill. Among them is the famous 24 -hour cross -country race is conducted here.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Peter Anton von Clapis († 1512), humanist, canon of Worms and Speyer, Chancellor of the University of Heidelberg
  • Enrico Caviglia, an Italian senator and marshal
  • Carlo Donat Cattin, Italian politician


The beach of Varigotti

Castel Gavone above Final Borgo

Bastion of Castelfranco, Finale Ligure

Monument to Enrico Caviglia at Piazza V.Emanuelle II

Mausoleum for Enrico Caviglia on the Capo San Donato

Close-up of the mausoleum