Finger food (English: finger - finger; food - food ) denotes dishes that are eaten with the fingers instead of cutlery. This also includes appetizers, canapés and served on tiny skewers food.


For finger food including snacks and sandwiches as well as food from the Orient - typical Arab or Indian dishes to eat with the fingers of the right hand, rice snacks or couscous are dipped in sauces and to the mouth. On the European continent, there are sausages and meatballs, in England fish and chips, which have always eaten with the fingers.

Furthermore, the trend, baked goods like brownies, muffins, Americans or petits fours shows as part of buffet offerings also to praise as finger food.

The tendency, on the road, while working, talking and eating while watching TV, reinforced the trend towards finger foods.


In the care of the elderly and the disabled should have a finger food food facilitating and stimulating effect. This finger food is also formed from constituents of the normal menus for those patients who can not eat with a knife and fork; the availability of food so that is possible at home, leaving most patients with no sense of time more independence when eating.