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The Finkel Bach is a stream in Eschweiler, Aachen region, and a left inflow of the Inde.

It rises within the former Belgian Camp Astrid in Propsteier forest. From there it flows through parts of the intensively farmed areas northwest of Röhe. Water from small, mostly located in the fields sources are conducted in this area in the Finkel Bach.

In the course of Finkel creek flowing past the foot of the Ellerbergs and strikes follow this back to the foothills of the Propsteier Forest. This area is popularly Hötter Boesch, Hütter high German forest, called, due to the former copper mill which was operated by Finkel Bach. At this mill today still remembers the street name Röher hut and the already mentioned popular name of the forest estate.

In earlier times, here there were botanically interesting marsh meadows.

The last piece of Finkel Bach is channeled largely underground. The Finkel Bach ends in the region of the so-called lazy herring and the Valley Railway Line (the name is due to the former floodplain of the Inde ), between Eschweiler- Aue and Röhe in the Inde.