Finsterwalde Solar Park


The solar park Finsterwalde is a 2010 and 2011 Gone in operating photovoltaic power plant at Finsterwalde ( Brandenburg). The peak electrical power is given with 80.7 MWp. The project by the photovoltaic company LDK Solar ( China ) and Q -Cells technical reason ( Germany ). Location is the former lignite mining Klettwitz -Nord.

The solar power plant is divided into three independent fields, Finsterwalde I is specified with an electrical output of 41 MWp. The fed into the net annual real power is estimated at 38 GWh, which corresponds to an average power of 4.3 MW.

The two remaining fields Finsterwalde II and III together with 40 MWp in 2011 went to the net. Thus, the entire park covers an area of 198 hectares. The solar power is still tempered here with 0.3194 EUR / kWh. The feed-in tariff is set at this level for 20 years.

Q -Cells solar park Finsterwalde I sold in January 2011 to subsidiaries of LHI Leasing ( Pullach ), a subsidiary of Landesbank Baden -Württemberg and the Nord / LB. Finsterwalde II and III sold Q -Cells to Blue Forrest Solar Holding, a joint venture between the DIF Infrastructure II (DIF ) and the NIBC European Infrastructure Fund ( NIBC ).