Fiorano al Serio

Fiorano al Serio is a comune in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy with 3041 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


Fiorano al Serio is located 15 km northeast of the provincial capital of Bergamo and 60 km northeast of the city of Milan.

The neighboring municipalities are Casnigo, Cene, Gazzaniga and Vertova.


For the first time the church is mentioned in writing in 840. The troops of Barbarossa conquered the region 1166. The village was burned in 1397 by the Guelphs and fell again in 1428 under foreign domination. Under Napoleon Bonaparte Fiorano al Serio was 1797 and France in 1814 - after the fall of Napoleon - in Austria. This government had stock until Fiorano al Serio was annexed in 1859 by the Kingdom of Sardinia.

By the year 1927 Fiorano was part of the municipality and received Gazzaniga 1947, the complete self-government.