Firehawk (roller coaster)

Firehawk at Kings Iceland (Kings Mills, Ohio, USA ) is a flying roller coaster from the model Flying Dutchman manufacturer Vekoma, which was originally opened as X -Flight at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (from 2004 Geauga Lake ) on May 26, 2001. 2006, the railway was closed and transported to Kings Iceland, where it was re-opened on 26 May 2007.


X -Flight was the first roller coaster type Flying Dutchman with a length of 1018 m. A few weeks after X -Flights opening was opened at Six Flags America (Maryland) with Batwing an identical plant. Due to the small number of visitors from Geauga Lake, the park owner Cedar Fair built from the railway end of 2006 and transported them to Kings Iceland. In February 2007, Kings Iceland announced that they will receive the car and that it would open on Memorial Day weekend. The neon green track and dark gray supports of X -Flight were repainted accordingly in red and silver gray. Firehawk was officially opened as planned on 26 May 2007 at the time of the Memorial Day weekend. The second track was not opened before the following weekend on June 9, 2007. Originally, the seats should be put back on the lift hill instead of in the station and should rise again before the station is reached again.

Firehawk has two trains, each with six cars. In each car four people can (a series ) take place. The colors of the trains are now yellow and red Originally basaß Firehawk three trains which parts of the third turn, but now serve as spare parts for the other two traits.