First Kohl cabinet



Economic and social policy

  • Increase in the contribution to the unemployment of 4 to 4.6 percent
  • Reduction of subsidies to the Federal Employment to 1.3 billion German Mark
  • Reintroduction of the health insurance contribution for pensioners
  • Reductions in child and housing allowances and education grants
  • Introduction of a for 1983/84 temporary non-interest bearing, repayable investment aid delivery ( " compulsory levy " ) of 5 percent of the tax liability for higher earners; 1984 is declared unconstitutional
  • Reduction of tax burdens on companies

Military service

  • The oral examination of conscience for conscientious objectors is abolished.
  • Extension of the community service requirement of 16 to 20 months

Environmental policy

  • Decision to reduce pollutants from power plants