Fish River (Namibia)

Fish River at Gibeon

The Fish River ( English: Fish River, Afrikaans: Visrivier ) with 650 km length of the longest river and the water catchment area in Namibia. He periodically conducts water and is not navigable.

The Fish River originates in the eastern Naukluft Mountains in Hardap near Mariental and is dammed by the Hardap Dam. Then it flows through the towns of Mariental, Gibeon and Seeheim and forms in its lower third of the Fish River Canyon. He is flanked by the Huns Mountains such as the Verneukberg. The Fish River eventually flows south-west of | Ai- | Ais into the Oranje River, approximately 100 kilometers from its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tributaries of the Fish River include:

  • Hudup
  • Kuteb
  • Lion River


The Fish River is developed for tourism, through an approximately 90 kilometer long trail of Hobas to | Ai- | Ais. This " trail " can be run in the winter months during the dry season.


Fish River in Fish River Canyon