FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships

The beach volleyball World Championships are organized by the world - FIVB tournaments to determine the world champion of women and men.

  • 3.1 Women
  • 3.2 Men


In the years 1987 to 1996 international tournaments were held in Rio de Janeiro, which are not recognized by the FIVB World Championships. The first official World Cup tournament took place in 1997 in Los Angeles. Since then dominate both the women and the men's teams from Brazil and the United States. The Laciga brothers and Paul Laciga with Sascha Heyer won two silver medals for Switzerland, Julius Brink and Jonas Recker man won gold in 2009 and 2011 bronze for Germany. 2013 reached Karla Borger and Britta Büthe the finals and won the first German women a medal. At the same tournament, it was bronze for Jonathan Erdmann and Kay Matysik.



Medal ( by nationality )


Pictures of FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships