Fjærland Church

The church Sogndal, (Norwegian: Sogndal kirke ) is one of four churches in the parish municipality of Sogndal in Norway, and is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. Until 2000 it belonged to the parish of Balestrand. It is located near the town of Sogndal on the alluvial fan formed at the output of Mundals.

Mostly it is even after the valley Mundal, called Church Mundal. Taking it as a place Mundal there who has grown together with the location of Sogndal.


It was in 1600 built a chapel at Bøyum which has been destroyed by a storm in 1610. It is unclear whether it was subsequently rebuilt. A church at the output of Mundals is mentioned from 1650. This building was demolished in 1861 and replaced by a new building. This church was rebuilt in 1931 and provided with two side wings, which provide 110 additional seats. This conversion was carried out under the supervision of architect Johan Lindström. After the conversion, the church has 350 seats. At the time of the conversion Sogndal had 750 inhabitants, this number has now shrunk to 300. Since the renovation, the church is painted red.

The baptismal font is a gift from the mother of a German lieutenant who in 1910 died in an accident in the mountains near Sogndal. His grave with memorial stone is still located in the cemetery. The altarpiece is the work of Harald Rutle - a local artist - and 1931 was made ​​.

The organ was built in 1976 by the organ factory Jorgensen in Oslo and taken in the same year in operation. She has 14 electoral register.

The two bells were cast in 1894 by the club Bochum in Germany. Both bells have a biblical passage inscribed, the smaller Psalm 103 verse 2, the larger Matthew 11 verse 28