FK Berane

The FK Berane is a 1920 in the town of Berane was established in the north -east of Montenegro football club.


The FK Berane played since his early days until the independence of Montenegro always in the Yugoslav and later Serbian - Montenegrin, Second or Third League. In the premiere season of Prva Crnogorska League of FK Berane was allowed to begin, but rose at once from the last in the Druga Crnogorska league. In the 2008 /09 season they rose again from the Montenegrin House of Commons, could be there but again keep only one year, so you descent again in the 2009/10 season. The following season, the renewed rise is attributable to the playoffs against FK Mornar Bar, but just this defeated the FK Berane in the relegation for Prva Crnogorska League 2012/13 again, so Berane 2012/13 competes in the Druga Crnogorska league.


  • Master of Druga Crnogorska League 2012/13