FL Studio

FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) is a pattern -based sequencer software company Image - Line Software. The program allows composing music using samples, soft synths and external MIDI device, recording and processing of audio material and the musical performance in real time.

The program will only run on Windows operating systems. A functionally limited version for mobile devices, including Apple iOS and Android exists under the name FL Studio Mobile.

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Originally marketed under the name Fruity Loops, the manufacturer called the product in FL Studio, as there were disputes with Kellogg's in the United States. In addition, the loops contained in the old name implied Image Line loud that the music composition loops are used; Professional artists would find this daunting. Also by Fruity saw from you because this word, especially in the U.S. area might be misunderstood.


The program offers the possibility to change the tempo at will. This, combined with the ability to incorporate samples and to be able to edit this on tempo, pitch, pitch, etc., the program does for artists of every genre available.


Patterns can be created by using the Step Sequencer and the Piano Roll, which allows a more precise machining. Here, the pitch, duration, and a number of other parameters is determined individually ( the pattern creation can be done manually in the program as well as by direct recording from MIDI signals ) for each note within the duration of a pattern. In contrast to other programs and drum machines, patterns can have any length and be moved and arbitrarily cut.


Individual patterns are arranged in the playlist. In this area also dynamic envelopes can be created that can be on arbitrary parameters, such as a synthesizer set. Audio samples can be used as an ordinary audio tracks in the playlist, which offers more freedom than when used in patterns.

Virtual instruments and effects

FL Studio supports the integration of VST extensions that allow it as a virtual effects to modify existing sound sources and generate a virtual instrument sounds. It can both included with the shipment VST extensions, as well as the VST extensions of independent third party be used.

In addition to the supplied virtual synthesizers and effects units, can be modified with the virtual sampler and drum machine audio files, and embedded in the project.

The ASIO capability, the instruments can almost no latency (ie, in real time, without time delay ) will be played ( an ASIO compatible Soundkarten-/Treiberkombination required).

Parameters of effects and instruments can be changed over time in the program as well as internal and external MIDI sources and these changes are recorded ( Automation).


In the integrated mixer, the assigned sound sources can be adapted in their volume and pan position and edited with various effects such as an equalizer or a compressor. Each mixer channel is in a position to another should be taxes ( routing), without direct access to the master output.


Sales and Product Policy

The software is available in two different versions, the limited functionality in Fruity Edition and Producer Edition full. In addition, you can purchase the software as a signature bundle while preserving access to additional VST extensions.

Originally one could obtain the software only through the Internet, now it is also available in stores. The manufacturer Image-Line promises when purchasing the software, the so-called Lifetime Free updates, which allows the buyer for life free program updates to the following versions.


Bandaged the software, developed by Didier Dambrin, in the first version 1.0 in 1997, still as a pure MIDI drum machine, the functionality was soon expanded to include VST and DirectX support. Subsequent releases made ​​FL Studio to a complex digital audio workstation software. Has been developed the software with the Delphi development environment.

In version 11 of the software the live mode of the arrangement window has been re-implemented as a " Performance Mode ".


Many established artists use FL Studio, including Gee Futuristic, Madeon, Cazzette, Avicii, Bass Hunter, Martin Garrix, 9th Wonder, Ephixa and Afrojack.