Flag and coat of arms of the Pitcairn Islands

The flag of the Pitcairn Islands is based, as the flags of most British Overseas Territories, on the Blue Ensign.

Description and significance

The Union Jack in Gösch indicates membership in the United Kingdom. On the flight part there is the coat of arms of the Pitcairn Islands, it shows the Bounty Bible (now in the small museum of Adamstown to see ) and the anchor of the Bounty.


Although the Pitcairn Islands are an autonomous governing territory since December 1970 they had initially not have its own flag. In December 1980, the Island Council of Pitcairn adopted the design of their future flag. The flag was then before 2 April 1984 officially recognized by Queen Elizabeth II and set the first time on Pitcairn in May.

More flags of Pitcairn

As a merchant flag, the Red Ensign was used without crest. The flag of the Governor follows the usual form, a Union Jack, with the coat of arms of the territory on a umkranzten disc in the center.

3:5? Flag of the Governor of the Pitcairn Islands