Flag of Jersey

The flag jerseys was accepted by Jersey on June 12, 1979, confirmed by Queen Elizabeth II on 10 December 1980 and hoisted for the first time on 1 April 1981.

She has a white background on which a red cross of St. Andrew 's ( St. Patrick's Cross ) and above a crowned coat of arms jerseys, showing the three leopards of Normandy on a red background imaged. Before the flag was officially used today, a flag was with St. Patrick's cross without a coat of arms in use.

As Seedienstflagge since 1907 is a Blue Ensign with jerseys coat of arms in the fly. As a merchant flag was until 2010 the British Red Ensign used without coat of arms, now she wears a coat of arms winning jerseys in the fly. The flag of the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey consists of a Union Flag with umkranztem coat of arms in the center.

? Red Ensign, Civil Ensign (since 2010)

Flag of the Lieutenant Governor

? Merchant flag until 2010

3:5? The flag before 1981