Flag of Norway

The flag of Norway is a dark blue, the flag pole shifted so-called Scandinavian cross with white outline on a red background.


The Norwegian flag comes only partly the color of royalty. Rather, it is a reference to the Danish flag, with a red background and a white cross. From 1537 to 1814 Norway was legally a Danish province, although this scheme is Christian III. was never fully implemented. The blue cross is taken from the Swedish flag from the time of the union with Sweden.

16:27? Structure of the State and Nautical Flag


Since the 16th century Norway used the Danish flag, called the Dannebrog due to the union with Denmark. During the temporary independence in 1814 the Norwegian king Christian Frederik of Denmark flag added in addition the Norwegian national emblem, the lion with a curved halberd, the upper leech added. This flag was used until 1821. The battle flag was also a dovetail. This flag was used until 1815.

In the fall of 1814, Norway was forced into a personal union with Sweden. In the revised November constitution was determined that Norway should have their own merchant flag. The war flag but had to be a union flag. After 1815, it was the Swedish flag with a white cross of St. Andrew on a red upper leech. The Dannebrog with the lion in the upper leech but was not recognized by the pirate states in the Mediterranean. So geflaggte ships were hijacked. So it could be done only north of Cape Finisterre. For trips to the Mediterranean a Union flag with a white St. Andrew's cross on a red background in the upper leech was introduced in 1818.

This was followed by the time (the year the flag of confusion ) is referred to as " flaggforvirrings år " because several flags were next to each other approved, depending on in which waters the ship was. 1821 there was a new initiative for its own flag with many designs. Fredrik Meltzer, Member of the Norwegian Parliament ( Storting ), designed the flag is still in use (the " pure tricolor "). She was allowed to be used from 1821 in the North Sea. For Mediterranean trip so Norwegian ships could use the Swedish or the Union flag on the North Sea and the North Atlantic were the Dannebrog with Lion, the Swedish merchant flag, the Union Flag and the "pure tricolor " admitted.

From 1844 King Oscar I made ​​additionally as a symbol of the equality of the two states of the Union in the upper leech both the Norwegian and the Swedish flag on a combination of the two national flags from. This flag superseded all other commercial flags. Norway also received its own war flag with the new union field in the upper leech. As a naval jack was a small flag, which consisted only of the union field used. These flags were initially welcomed in Norway, because this equality of States was officially shown. But soon encouraged resistance, and in Sweden it was disparagingly called Sildesalaten herring salad. Therefore Norwegian vessels used this flag only if they claimed consular protection abroad. Otherwise, they were gone, the Union field and hoisted only the "pure tricolor ". King Oscar also led for the first time a new king a flag: the war flag Union crest on the center of the cross. After 1905, the former king flag was replaced by a flag with a golden lion with ax on a red cloth.

Growing opposition to the Union ensured that the Norwegian Parliament decided in 1898, to January 1, 1899 Meltzer's "pure flag " as a trade and national flag and introduce the same design for the national flag to use the customs and post flag. The Union character was exiled on June 9, 1905, immediately after dissolution of the Union, even by the Norwegian War Flag ( from her Swedish counterpart but only at the end of 1905 ).

16:27? Union Flag ( ensign ), 1815-1844

? Union Flag ( merchant flag ), 1818-1844

16:27? Union Flag ( ensign ), 1844-1905

?? Union Flag ( merchant flag ), 1844-1899

Royal flags

King Haakon VII led 1905, the royal standard, which is unchanged since then. It shows the Norwegian lion in a, compared with the national coat of arms of Norway amended. The standard of the Crown Prince has a dovetail.

5:7 Standard of the Crown Prince

Royal mast pennant

Military flags

The war flag on land and at sea corresponds to the state flag of Norway. The naval jack of the Navy is a square version of the national flag. The Heads of State and war flag is driven by commercial vessels and ferries, whose captain is a reserve officer.

1:1 Gösch the Norwegian Navy

Pole banner of the Norwegian Navy

The lion on the flags of the defense minister and the commander corresponding to that on the national coat of arms of Norway. As this was in 1937 on the stylized coat of arms, the same thing happened with the lions on the flags.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, since 1937

The command character of the flag officers have remained unchanged since 1905.

Lieutenant General


Brigadier general

Vice Admiral

Rear admiral



Sub-national flags

Norway is divided into 19 Fylker, each of which carries its own flag. Some are listed here.


Aust- Agder


Oslo, since 2002

The Norwegian municipalities have their own community flags. Usually, these are the coats of arms banners, flags so that reflect the coat of arms of the municipality as a rectangle. Here are some examples.



More flags of Norway

The post flag is used by the post office ships.

Post flag on ship

Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Norsk Selskab til Skipbrudnes Redning )

Flag of the seeds