Flag of Vatican City

The flag of the Vatican City consists of two parallel vertical strips: left a yellow, a white right.

Description and significance

Article 20 of the " Basic Law of Vatican City State " of 22 February 2001 states:

" The flag of the Vatican City consists of two vertical split fields, hanging on the flagpole yellow field and a white that represents the tiara with the keys, according to the illustrated model. "

The "Tiara with the keys " does not - as might be expected - the coat of arms of the Vatican City, but the coat of arms of the Holy See. The difference is that here the tassel occupied ends of the red cord are first guided through the key Reiden and then looped around the intersection of the key, from where they hang loosely vertically downwards.

The colors of the flag (yellow and white ) are also associated with the keys. Yellow stands in heraldry for gold, the color white for silver. In heraldry never have two metals are used side by side, which in this case, the exceptional status of the church, which is not subject to the laws of the world, puts it. The two colors also represent the binding and loosing power of the pope as the successor of St. Peter.

Aspect ratio

In the literature Vexillology the Vatican flag is specified as the only national flag next to the Swiss flag is square. The official website of the Vatican State shows a square flag. However, even in official use many flags, depending on the country, in an aspect ratio of 1:2, 2:3 or 3:5. Here you can adapt to the local standards suspect. Also information about the model in the Basic Law are inconsistent, but shows the basic law actually the square flag. So the square flag de jure is the official flag, while the non- square version of de facto is also officially used and therefore must be considered as at least acceptable version.

In a letter to the Apostolic Nunciature in Germany on 27 May 2010 to the Ministry of the Interior, this indicates that the flag of the Vatican rectangular, was not square.

Earlier flags

The flag of the Holy See is now identical to that of the Vatican City. Previously, the Holy See had its own flag with the aspect ratio 1:2. The left half of the flag was yellow, the right know were in the middle, surrounded by a circle, the tiara and the keys stylized imaged.

? 1808-1870