Flagstaff, Arizona

Coconino County


Flagstaff is a city in Coconino County in the U.S. state of Arizona, and had in the census 2010 65.870 inhabitants. It is the seat of the administration of the county and a popular winter resort. It is often known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. The metropolitan area has a size of 164.8 km ². Flagstaff is located in approximately 2,100 meters above sea level.


Flagstaff is located at about 2100 m elevation on the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a volcanic landscape. North of town, the San Francisco Peaks rise with the Humphreys Peak, which marks the highest point in Arizona with 3,852 m.


According to legend, Flagstaff got its name when settlers moved westward, here stopped to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States. As the settlers needed a mast to hoist the American flag can, they beheaded a tree and attached to it the flag. After they had moved on, later came more settlers who settled in the area. The name Flagstaff was chosen on the basis of the former flag mast.


Through Flagstaff leads the old Route 66, which is now replaced by Interstate 40 and runs original only in some sections. About Interstate 17 there are good connections to California and Phoenix (Arizona ).

Flagstaff has an Amtrak train station, where the transcontinental long-distance train Southwest Chief stops and thus daily direct flights to Los Angeles and Albuquerque - Kansas City - Chicago offers. The railway also has high importance in the remote transport.

Flagstaff is connected by long-distance buses and a small airport with Phoenix, since the summer of 2008, there are also flights to Los Angeles.


The climate has a wide range with hot summers and very cold winters. The humidity is very low and amounts to only about 5 percent.


The city is home to Northern Arizona University, the only university in northern Arizona. Became known, the city is also the discovery of the long classified as planet Pluto by Clyde Tombaugh, is reminiscent of the today at the Lowell Observatory, the NAU. Here is also one of the largest wooden domes of the earth.

In addition to the Lowell Observatory, there are other significant astronomical research facilities in Flagstaff. To protect the observing conditions adopted city in 1958 banning directed against the sky outdoor advertising and headlights, the light pollution could impede research. Flagstaff was a founding member of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA ). As of October 24, 2001 it was declared the International Dark Sky Community, as the world's first light protection community at all, and first recognized by the IDA light reserve.


The city's proximity to Grand Canyon National Park (120 km to the north) has made ​​Flagstaff a popular tourist destination. The Route 66, originally running between Chicago and Los Angeles, made ​​the area more accessible and increased tourist activity. Today the city Barstow, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico Route 66 remains as a historic route and popular tourist attraction, connecting.

Other tourist attractions nearby are the Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater ( volcanic crater ), Wupatki National Monument and the Barringer Crater ( Meteor Crater ). In winter, the winter sports area Arizona Snowbowl is a popular destination, even by the people of Phoenix. The town of Sedona is only a half hour drive along Arizona State Route 89A that leads through Oak Creek Canyon, away.

The nature reserve Glen Canyon and Lake Powell are both north of U.S. Route 89 following, located 216 kilometers away.

Population Development

¹ 1980-2010: census results


In Flagstaff, there are 58 different churches from 26 different denominations. Among the belonging to a denomination churches the Baptist church is best represented with 14 churches. Furthermore, there are 14 churches that are not attributable to any denomination ( as of 2004).

Twin Cities

Flagstaff has four sister cities:

  • Russia - Barnaul (Russia)
  • Australia - Blue Mountains City ( Australia)
  • China Republic - Xindian (Taiwan)
  • Mexico - Manzanillo ( Mexico)

Sons and daughters of the town


Due to the location in 2100 m height Flagstaff is a popular destination for high altitude training camp.