Flavio Cotti

Flavio Cotti ( born October 18, 1939 in Muralto ) is a Swiss politician ( CVP) from the canton of Ticino. As he was Federal Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs and has held the office of president twice.


He studied law and began his career as a lawyer and notary public in Locarno. He was a member of the Grand Council 1967-1975 and 1975-1983 State Council. He stood before the people and the Economic Department of Justice. Cotti presided 1981-1984 Ticino CVP and the CVP Switzerland 1984-1986. His election to the National Council took place in 1983.

Flavio Cotti was elected on 10 December 1986 at the first round of voting in the Bundesrat. He took over on 1 January 1987 by his predecessor, the EDI and changed on 1 April 1993 in the DFA. Flavio Cotti and Arnold Koller gave on 13 January 1999 together her resignation on April 30, 1999 known.

He was 1990 and 1997, Vice- President of the Federal Council and the Federal Council was in the years 1991 and 1998 as president before, where Confederation 700 years and 150 years state were celebrated.

Shortly before the end of his tenure, he received the 1999 Fischhof price. The home of Flavio Cotti is Prato- Sornico in the church today Lavizzara.