FLCL ( Furi KuriフリクリJapanese, in English-speaking countries also Fooly Cooly ) is an OVA of Kazuya Tsurumaki, an employee of the animation studio Gainax, which also produced the series.


The reason pupil Naota, who is twelve years old at the onset of puberty, lives in the suburb Japanese Mabase. He is bored with the boring town and his monotonous life.

One day he meets a young woman named Haruko, which runs over him with her Vespa and even him - as a excuse - her Rickenbacker bass beats over the head. After this accident, Naotas life changed rapidly. From his head grow robots and other things and Haruko moves into the house, lives in the Naota with his lecherous father and his grandfather.

Haruko seems to gather information about the company Medical Mechanica which has a bizarre building constructed before the city, which resembles a giant iron. It uses the portal that it has opened to the accident at Naotas head to find a being called Atomsk, which is being held captive by Medical Mechanica.

The young Mamimi frequently studied Naotas nearby. She was the girlfriend of his older brother, who went as a baseball player some time ago in the United States. They ignored all the rules, smoking in public and looks into Naota, where their presence is often unpleasant, a kind of substitute for his brother.

The characters seem nutty and slightly spans. They tend to be exceptional emotional outbursts and excessive actions. Mamimi is obsessed with the past, Haruko's mood changes in shortest distances. Naota is the least volatile character, finds himself unwillingly always the center of attention again.


FLCL is considered Anime with strange and peculiar narrative structures, and a mixture of unusual character styles. Because of the variety of issues dealt with in various genres elements, it is not possible to FLCL unique to a single genre. Rather, science fiction scenes of fantasy or comedy content will be replaced, dramatic elements interspersed with bawdy humor. In some scenes in other anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion referenced ( by GAINAX ) or Hamtaro by scenes or props will be addressed. While ostensibly prevail hustle and activism, the story develops itself very slowly.

FLCL also stands out with a character style which is a mix between many styles previously used, including to find cut-out animation process, scratchy drawing techniques from American series like King of the Hill, but also typical manga drawing styles.


The OVA was released in 2000 with six episodes in Japan, was published in 2003 a version with English subtitles. FLCL was released in 2006 on German, 3 DVDs, each with 2 episodes, at SPV vision.

In Carlsen Verlag, the German version of the manga by Hajime Ueda is released in 2003 in two volumes.


In the first-in American Anime Awards 2007 FLCL was awarded the title for the best mini-series (English Best Short Series) and beat off Elfen Lied, Hellsing Ultimate, gravitation and TV Ranma 1 /2 ( OVA) by. They also won in the category of best comedy Anime (English Best Anime Comedy ).


The series is a sought-after merchandise items and for their soundtracks. Much of the music is by the rock band The Pillows, whose popularity grew with the release of the soundtrack, and thus well outside Japan was known.