Flexity Classic XXL

The articulated railcar NGT12 -LEI is a low-floor tram articulated railcar of Leipzig Transport ( LVB) GmbH. He belongs to the type " Flexity Classic XXL " and was manufactured by Bombardier Transportation in Bautzen. The first series in the order of November 2003 included 12 cars of this type, an option for a further 12 cars were redeemed in September 2005, so roll on the network since 2007 Leipzig 24 vehicles. As of November 2011, the third series was delivered, so that since May 2012 the number of NGT has 12 to 33.

The 45 -meter-long five -piece railcar air conditioning is based on the articulated railcar NGT D12DD, used since 2003 in Dresden. The NGT 12 " Classic XXL " daily on the lines 11 ( Schkeuditz - Markham East ) - ( - Exhibition Centre Lößnig ) are used, they serve almost exclusively, 15 ( Miltitz Meusdorf ) and 16. On Saturdays, the car can also be found on individual courses of line 1 ( Lausen - Mockau ).

The names of the NGT12 -LEI

All NGT12 -LEI should in addition to their car numbers ( 1201 to 1233 ) are named after venues for the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and partner cities of Leipzig. The first series had time get their names for the World Cup. 2012, the name of the NGT12 have been updated since they carry mostly name of the partner cities of Leipzig and cities with tram.