Flexity Classic

The Flexity Classic is a family of low-floor tramcar manufacturer Bombardier Transportation, which is produced mostly in the factory Bautzen. The original name of this vehicle family was DWA -LF 2000.


In the end segments is located 2 - 3 m before the end of the car a full two-axle bogie. To the carriage toward the center are attached to the end segments, the central segment and one of the middle segments. In the eight-axle types, except the Dresden, the middle segment has two bogies, which dominates, as in the GT8 type Freiburg and also the DUEWAG low-floor cars, especially here in the Leipzig version. The six-axle vehicles, there are also two different types, either with resting on a middle carriage end segments ( Gdansk, Krakow ) or a four-axle wagon part on which a two-axle is saddled (Halle, Dessau ), almost a Achtachser, the first segment missing.

Length, design and features (eg, one- or two-way vehicle) as well as the manufacturers of electrical equipment are different and are determined by the respective purchaser ( transport mode) preset.


Orbits of type Flexity Classic are mainly used in Germany, but also in other European countries (Sweden, Poland) as well as in Australia.

Pictures of Flexity Classic