Flexural strength

The flexural strength of the engineering mechanics is the value of the bending stress in a member subject to bending, the component fails to exceed its breakage. It describes the resistance of a workpiece his bending or breaking its opposite.

The flexural strength is to be distinguished from the flexural strength, wherein the further load size added traction.


The flexural strength test is much less complicated to achieve than the tensile test, strictly speaking, of which it is a variation. This particular error surface of the sample play a role that affect the strength properties.

The flexural strength can be associated with the flexural strength, because in a straight object under bending stress at the same time force by increasing the deflection of the object could tear on that power point. The breaking point can be determined thus, there may be angenomnen that at present the compression force is equal to that at a national traction.

Depending on the determination of the flexural strength is made between the three - point bending strength and the 4- point bending strength.

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