Flight instructor

A flight instructor is an experienced pilot who has the qualification to aspiring pilot ( student pilot ) to form on the ground and in the air while flying.

Engine flight instructor

To become a flight instructor for airplanes, in Germany there are currently the following conditions:

  • Permission to fly an aircraft with CVFR (PPL -A or JAR-FCL ).
  • The radiotelephone service must be allowed to be exercised in the English language ( at least BZF I or AZF ).
  • 200 hours flight time as pilot in command.
  • Successful theoretical examination for CPL.
  • Successful theoretical and practical examination of the suitability for flight instructors.
  • An airworthiness certificate class 2
  • Proof of successful training activities with a licensed instructor.
  • Is a flight instructor in accordance with JAR -FCL license, so wearing his license during the first 100 hours of training, the Title FI ( RP). The acronym stands for Restricted Privileges. Limitations are that the FI ( RP) may not release any student pilot for the free-flying, so must the first solo flight release, no student pilots for cross-country flights and no check flights to obtain the type rating (class rating ) may decrease.

Glider instructor

To flight instructor for gliders are to be in Germany at the time, to meet the following requirements:

  • License for pilots (GPL).
  • A practical activity as a glider pilot.
  • A theoretical and practical competitive examination.
  • Participation in an officially recognized training course, of at least 2 weeks' duration, with a final theoretical and practical examination.
  • In addition, a training sample ( about 45 min) required and tested to demonstrate the pedagogical and didactic skills.
  • A, subsequent to the training course, successful training activities under the supervision of a flight instructor recognized this.

To obtain the instructor rating must be fulfilled in 3 years two of the following conditions:

  • Participation in an officially recognized training course.
  • 60 school starts or 10 hours of flight time as a flight instructor in gliders and / or powered sailplanes
  • A proficiency check by an approved auditor.

For a flight instructor for balloons and helicopters similar conditions apply.