Flight planning

Flight planning is used in aviation with two meanings: as a planning of the offer or as an airline planning of the flight path.

In the second meaning flight planning is also in measurement and image flights for Geodesy and Photogrammetry of importance.

Planning of the offer of an airline

The planning of the flight plan, the route network is called an airline flight planning. This generally refers to the planning of Operating flights. In a rotation plan for the aircraft of an airline the requirements of network planning or route planning and the airplane specific limitations are reconciled.

Planning of the flight path

Flight planning (including flight planning ) is a part of the flight preparing for a trip to aircraft. It differs depending on the flight rule ( IFR or VFR ) in essential points. Both types have in common that they take into account the following phases:

  • Start ( mass calculations, engine performance )
  • Climb ( climb rate, rise time, setting the top of climb )
  • Cruising (speed, navigation)
  • Descent ( down the top of descent, descent time )
  • Landing ( mass calculations)
  • Alternative planning

Flight planning is divided into several sections (german legs ). These arise through the points that are to be flown. For flights under visual flight rules are mainly the mark next to TOC and TOD highly visible landmarks or drip lines, instrument flights in navigation points that an aerial tramway.

The following parameters are listed for each section:

  • Course Maps
  • Distance
  • Height
  • Radio navigation aids
  • Wind forecast
  • Heading
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Fuel consumption

At the end of a flight plan fuel calculation is with safety margins. It must contain at least the following fuel be carried:

  • TripAdvisor ‣ ‣ Fuel for the entire trip
  • Contingency Fuel ‣ ‣ More for consumption (eg 5% of the Tripfuels )
  • Alternate Fuel ‣ ‣ to the alternate aerodrome
  • Final reserve ‣ ‣ to still have some room (30min eg queues )
  • Extra Fuel ‣ ‣ for unforeseeable delays (eg adverse weather )
  • Taxi Fuel ‣ ‣ to roll from the gate to the runway and at the destination airport from the runway to the gate.

For airlines, the flight planning and flight monitoring is carried out by air service consultants. He created both the detailed so-called " Operational Flight Plan" for the cockpit crew, as well as the " ATC Flight Plan " for air traffic control.


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