Flightradar24.com is a web service for real-time position display of airplanes. Through so-called " radar spotting" broadcast by ADS-B transponders transponder data are collected from located on the ground ADS-B receivers and transmitted in the network of flightradar24. Most modern commercial aircraft line aviation today are equipped with such transponders. The case transmitted position data of the respective aircraft are correlated to aircraft type and route with further information and imaged on a map. Since the spring of 2013 a view is implemented as if you were on the plane, the cockpit view.

There are currently around 500 private ADS-B receiver in operation that provide their data to Flightradar24. These receivers cover according to the operators from around 90 % of European airspace and some areas in North America, Australia and the Middle East.

The representation is not always done in real time. Because of FAA regulations there is a delay of about 5 minutes at a plurality of flights. This concerns in particular the U.S. and Canadian airspace. The presentation of the flights, however, ADS-B data will be used for the position determination is made by specifying flightradar24 in real time.