Flin Flon

Flin Flon (City of Flin Flon ) is a mining town on the border between the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The majority of the urban area is located in Manitoba. The name of the town goes back to the fictional character Josiah Flintabbety Flonatin from the pulp novel The Sunless City by JE Preston Muddock.


In 1927, the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting (HBM & S) here is a mining town in order to develop the large copper and zinc deposits in the area. A year later the place got rail connection. In the 1930s, Flin Flon grew rapidly, as affected farmers surveyed by the global economic crisis to operate as miners, and in 1933 became the settlement of the municipality status. 1970 finally Flin Flon received city rights.


By far the majority of workers are still working in the mining industry at the HBM & S. In addition to other jobs in retail and hospitality, the city also offers some long-haul truckers work. Since 2002 builds Prairie Plant Systems in Flin Flon cannabis for medical purposes.

Sons and daughters of the town

In Flin Flon, the Canadian film director Roger Avary and the Canadian ice hockey player Ken Baumgartner, Bobby Clarke, Ralph Backstrom, Ernie Wakely and Dean Evason were born.